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External Mechanism to Report Wrongdoings

ALIAS is an independent service that manages a phone line and a secured online platform to collect the concerns of your employees and other stakeholders. ALIAS aims for accessibility, confidentiality and anonymity by offering an alternative and innovative communication tool, encouraging individuals to be caring and your organization to continuously improve.

What kind of reports does ALIAS collect?

Any wrongdoing, malicious or unethical act as well as complaints or concerns. For examples: psychological or sexual harassment at work, awarding contracts without complying with laws and regulations, unjustified professional expenses, conflict of interest, concerns related to management, manipulation of financial information, financial corruption, personal use of assets or technologies, cash embezzlement and more

ALIAS is a tool of choice to comply with legislative requirements such as:

The Act to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoings relating to public bodies

The Act respecting labour standards (harassment prevention and complaint processing policy)

The Act respecting contracting by public bodies (management of complaints related to public contract)

Who analyzes the reports received through ALIAS?

Through its platform, ALIAS notifies you immediately when receiving a report. You can therefore quickly access the entirety of the information. Supported by ALIAS if you wish, you manage the report according to your usual processes.

ALIAS secured dialogue feature enables confidential and anonymous two-way communication between the designated agent of the organization and the author of the report.

Key features for the success of a reporting mechanism

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;

Centralize all reports received through the phone, online or by mail to facilitate your follow up;

Service in French and English;

The author of the report can provide documents online or by mail.