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External Ethics Mechanism to Report Incidents of Wrongdoings

ALIAS is an independent whistleblowing hot-line and secure web-based that collect concerns from your employees and other stakeholders. ALIAS strives for accessibility, confidentiality, and anonymity by providing an alternative and innovative communication tool, that promotes individual caring and continuous improvement in your organization.

What types of reports are collected by ALIAS?

Any wrongdoing, malicious or unethical behavior, as well as any complaints or concerns. Examples include: psychological or sexual harassment  in the workplace, improper contracting, unjustified business expenses, conflict of interest, management concerns, manipulation of financial information, financial corruption, personal use of assets or technology, embezzlement and others.

ALIAS is a tool of choice to comply with legislative requirements such as:

The Act to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoings relating to public bodies

The Act respecting labour standards (policy on the prevention and processing of complaints of harassment)

The Act respecting contracting by public bodies (processing of complaints made with respect to a public contract)

After ALIAS receives a report, who analyzes it?

ALIAS automatically notifies you, via its platform, of the receipt of a new report. You are therefore able to quickly access all the information. If you wish, ALIAS will assist you in managing the information according to your usual processes.

ALIAS’ dialogue functionalities allow the designated parties to communicate in a bidirectional and secure manner, with the author of the report in complete confidentiality and anonymity.

Features that ensure a successful reporting mechanism

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;

Centralizes reports received by phone and online for easy follow up;

Service in English and French;

The author of the report can submit documents via the online platform.

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