External Mechanism to Report Wrongdoings

ALIAS is an independent service that manages a phone line and a secured online platform to collect the concerns of your employees and other stakeholders.

ALIAS aims for accessibility, confidentiality and anonymity by offering an alternative and innovative communication tool, encouraging individuals to be caring and your organization to continuously improve.

ALIAS is a prevention and detection tool, a safety net. ALIAS:


Allows communication with the anonymous author of the report

Highly secure service, with strong authentication

Audit report in compliance with the relevant requirements of ISO 27001 – Information Security Management


Immediate notification after receiving a new report or when information is added to an existing one

Standard questionnaire available and possibility of specific questions to your organization / project

Single platform, forwarding reports by category, to designated persons in charge

Easy and quick to set up

Integrated management tools (reports, trend chart)


Training of your designated persons in charge when implementing

Toolkit to guide you through the best practices of implementation and management of a reporting mechanism

Other support options, to be discussed depending on your needs

Who analyzes the reports received through ALIAS?

Through its platform, ALIAS notifies you immediately when receiving a report. You can therefore quickly access the entirety of the information. Supported by ALIAS if you wish, you manage the report according to your usual processes.

ALIAS secured dialogue feature enables confidential and anonymous two-way communication between the designated agent of the organization and the author of the report.

Key features for the success of a reporting mechanism

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Service in French and English

Centralize all reports received through the phone, online or by mail to facilitate your follow up

The author of the report can provide documents online or by mail


We are very satisfied of the implementation process and of the final platform which is easy to use and meets our needs.“ – Free translation
Director, Human Resources, Communications and Ethics
Consulting and Engineering Services firm
“An organization with wings, indescribably efficient and professional. Its creativity supports its clients and allows the organization to have a personalized approach. This is what can be observed from people who have a thorough knowledge of their subject and who favor collaboration while maintaining best quality standards.“ - Free translation

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