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“It is within the process of implementing a reporting mechanism for wrongdoing that we contacted ALIAS. To us, this project felt enormous, but ALIAS’ team members supported us all along the process. They assisted us in the elaboration of our work plan and through its realization. Furthermore, they trained us and provided us with tools easily adaptable to train our employees to concepts related to wrongdoing and on the use of the denunciation platform. The implementation of the reporting mechanism was fully completed within a 4-week timeframe, which was possible thanks to ALIAS availability and flexibility with our time constraints. We are very satisfied of the implementation process and of the final platform which is easy to use and meets our needs.“ – Free translation
Director, Human Resources, Communications and Ethics
Consulting and Engineering Services firm
“An organization with wings, indescribably efficient and professional. Its creativity supports its clients and allows the organization to have a personalized approach. This is what can be observed from people who have a thorough knowledge of their subject and who favor collaboration while maintaining best quality standards.“ - Free translation